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Vacuum ovens XFL / XFH / XFH

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5 volumes : 20, 50, 110, 220 and 512 liters.

Adjustable temperature up to 200°C (300°C as option).

vacuum ovens enable sensitive materials be heated and dried at low temperature. Heat treatment of material that can oxidize, rapid drying of powders and granules...

Different levels vacuum.

XFL range : up to 1 mbar
XFM range : up to 1.10-2 mbar
XFH range : up to 1.10-6 mbar
The internal pressure is indicated by a digital display pressure sensor.

Vacuum ovens for reliable results.

Made of steel sheets coated with beautiful white and blue paints
The interior chamber is made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant.
Easy cleaning thanks to the rounded corners.
Thick safety glass window.

Extremely good homogeneity with a perfect insulation.

A low power consumption, a rapid heating-up.
Heating elements distributed around the inner chamber.

A safe and reliable temperature control.

- C3000 temperature controller for XFL range.
Very efficient and extremely easy to use. Measurement with PT100 sensor. Functions : Delayed start, heating-up ramp, automatic self-regulating temperature balance, repeat loop
- Digital PLC large touchscreen for XFM and XFH ranges.

Many options and accessories: vacuum pump, sensors, pressure controller ...