France etuves - Designer and Manufacturer of Laboratory and Industrial Ovens
logo France EtuvesDesigner and manufacturer of laboratory and industrial ovens in Vietnam  

Universal ovens

XU - Universal ovens

XL - Universal ovens

Ovens especially for laboratory

XB - Incubators

XBR - Cooled incubators

XAS - Glassware drying ovens

Industrial ovens

XXL - Industrial ovens

XM - Modular ovens

Vacuum ovens

XFL - Vacuum ovens 1 mbar

XFM - Vacuum ovens 10-2 mbar

High temperature ovens

XHT - High temperature ovens

XPP - High temperature ovens

XSV - High temperature ovens

XKL - Laboratory furnaces

Top loading ovens

XTOP - Top loading ovens

Conveyorized ovens

Conveyorized ovens