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XAS Drying cabinets

Laboratory operators, technicians, chemists, discover our XAS drying cabinets. Thanks to their exclusive ventilation system in a 60°C max atmosphere, our XAS drying cabinets guarantee a quick and gentle drying of your products. Once washed, store inside your beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, test tubes, pipettes and so on…

This range concerns also, for example, the drying of pipes, pieces of pottery…saving valuable time.

France Etuves accelerates pace of expansion in Philippines.

During our first meeting in 2013 CISILE (China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition), the Philippine company Krypton Industrial Resources, Co (KIRC), has shown a great deal of interest in our products just after brief introduction of the XL and XXL lines. “This is exactly what I am looking for”, said Mr. Romel Albores, president of KIRC. “I will definitely contact your company when I go back”.

In February 2014, Krypton Industrial Resources, Co, placed an order for one unit XU980 laboratory oven in such a short time notice. After the initial cooperation, this Filipino customer became fond of France Etuves due to our good quality and in time service. He placed orders for 3 units XXL04.5 within 4 months and 3 containers will be shipped to Philippines. Our sales team and Assemble department were thrilled to witness the moments when the container was being loaded in the factory. This is a millstone stage for France Etuves to set our feet on a newly exploded market.

“Philippines are a very potential market for industrial ovens” commented by Mr. Romel Albores in CISILE, anticipating much more cooperation in the near future with France Etuves. Indeed, with the devalued currency, Southeast Asia has attracted a great deal of world capitals to set their factories in these lands, in which many industrial equipments are needed. “We are confident about the future”, said Mr. Philippe Lemble, CEO of France Etuves, showing determination to accelerate the pace of its expansion in Philippines by achieving more cooperation in the industrial oven areas.

Increasing Popularity in Vietnam

“My customers like France Etuves very much. They are very pleased with the quality and design. The ovens are running well”, said by Mr. Cao Huu Hanh, sales manager of PHUC AN EQUIPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED, our most supportive partner in Vietnam.

For the over past 2 years, France Etuves has attracted dramatic interest in Vietnamese lab market. You can see our laboratory ovens in bids, in the science research institute, at school lab center, and in the factories. Figures show that 100 ovens were sold to Vietnam before and we are still receiving more and more requests from our distributor. No doubt that France Etuves has received high compliments from Vietnamese end-users.

Mr. Cao Huu Hanh, who placed the trial order for only one unit XU112 in 2012, found our laboratory ovens conduct excellent performance, thus came back for continuous orders. He is now a big fan of our XU-line, especially XU112. Recently, he was surprised to find that we have made our packing recyclable. It would be a great convenience for him because he can test our ovens in local and pack them again with the same wooden packing. This is what France Etuves’s dedicated into, catering for the needs of our customers, and changing everything to be more user-friendly.

Thanks to his efforts at promoting France Etuves, together with the contribution from SECOVINA (another distributor), we have boosted remarkable sales in this newly-emerging market. We believe that, with France Etuves’ increasing popularity and competitive price, we will break more records in the coming days. Our next goal is to increase the sales proportion for our industrial ovens, such as XXL-Line large industrial ovens, XL-Line stainless steel oven, and XM-Line modular oven.

Ovens especially for composite : 10 years of experience

Because your process is unique, your oven is too. The experience acquired in this sector allows us to offer you a wide range of options and accessories.
They are adapted to your various processes of composite manufacturing: prepreg, RTM, infusion, filament wiring, honeycomb drying, mould preheating, injection of resin under vacuum in moulds, polymerization (under vacuum)….
The composite curing ovens are used in different sectors of the composites industry: aeronautics (helicopter blades, plane parts …), nautical, electricity (composites tube for Very High Voltage isolators), weaponry, spatial (composites tube for propulsive units…), pharmaceuticals, chemicals, glass, rubber, cement, plastics…
Characteristics: oven from 6 up to 900 m3, designed in a modular format with a powerful CAO 3D software, 200°C as maximum temperature (300°C as an option), important air flow for an excellent temperature uniformity, great thermal accuracy, easy shipment of the modules in container.
Possible compliance with aeronautics standards: AMS2750D, NADCAP.

Thermal fluid study

For example, the fluid flow study allows you to check the air circulation in the oven according to your products, check temperature homogeneity, estimate the time required for your process…, necessary before validating your process. Do not hesitate to consult our Design office.

FE3000 oven supervision software controls all parameters of your oven remotely and on a network

The France Etuves company has developed a software that allows the complete and secure control of your oven: the FE3000 oven supervision software. All parameters of your applications are manageable, viewable and saved.
It gets used to a wide range of applications: polymerization, drying, curing, repair by curing, post-curing, bonding, heat treatment at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum… on all types of materials: polymers, composites, resins, glues, paint, fiber…
The use is intuitive: screentouch display, clear and logical structure, easy results’ reading and management.
It is possible to control the oven and the parameters via the FE3000 supervision software from the touchscreen display (real time module).
Date is saved in a database and available in real time from any plant computer system.