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Customized ovens

Since 2000, we have designed and manufactured thousands of customized ovens! You will not find elsewhere professionals like France-ovens. Our ovens are high quality. We design new ovens every month.

G019: Oven for test of adjustable temperature on vibrating table and vibrator.
- Volume: 1000L
- Maximum Temperature: 200°C
- Inner Casing Size: 1090 x 1200 x 1000 mm

Oven without plate for the access of the vibrating table and vibrator. Oven delivered with a special frame for adapting on the vibrating table. Temperature profiler. Use form -60°C and +150°C. Nitrogen injection for cooling.

F880: Drying under vacuum of electronic parts.
- Volume: 120L
- Maximum Temperature: 200°C
- Inner Casing Size: 470 x 500 x 470 mm

Oven on frame for the vacuum pump. Logic controller to manage drying cycles. Digital display of the pressure. Vacuum control. Filter for vacuum pump. Outer lighting in front of the window. Supply of the vacuum pump

F633: Polymerization of composite parts.
- Volume: 250000L
- Maximum Temperature: 250°C
- Inner Casing Size: 4400 x 16800 x 3400 mm

8 sections with 3 lift doors (1 at each end, 1 in the middle). Per section: a fan, heating elements, an air extractor. Catwalk on the sides of the oven, access by ladder. Pressure and thermocouples fittings

E858: Tunnel oven for drying bearings after dipping in a ultrasound bath that is full of water and OLREC liquid.
- Volume: 825L
- Maximum Temperature: 120°C
- Inner Casing Size: 550 x 3000 x 500 mm

Tunnel with integrated chain conveyor. Working volume divided in 3 parts: 2 drying areas and a cooling area. Air renewing circuit with extractor. Unloading area with infrared sensor to detect an accumulation at the exit

E251: This XL oven is used for the stabilization of 3 elastomer circles.
- Volume: 2197L
- Maximum Temperature: 200°C
- Inner Casing Size: 1300 x 1300 x 1640 mm

One door with 3 accesses for drawers. Electromagnetic locking of drawers. Fumes discharge during the vulcanization

E715: Preheating of 4 forging tools (2,7Tmax per tool) between 200 and 300°C on an internal frame
- Volume: 5880L
- Maximum Temperature: 350°C
- Inner Casing Size: 2100 x 1400 x 2000 mm

Vertical lift door with balance motorized thanks to a gear motor equipped with a brake. Safety portico in the front. Manual locking device of the door for maintenance intervention.

H129: Oven for the polymerization of big composite parts for an aeronautics and sports company.
Technical Data: Volume: 48 m³
Maximum Temperature: 250°C
Inner Casing Size: 3000 x 8000 x 2000 mm

the oven is composed of 4 modules. Each module as ventilation, heating and cooling systems. The oven is equipped with 2 double-leaf doors: on at the front and one at the back side. Each leaf is equipped with an inner and outer handle.
Temperatures are recorded by the supervision software.

A352: Oven adaptable on tensile pressing testing machine for mechanical test of materials at different temperatures.
- Volume: 30L
- Maximum Temperature: 220°C
- Inner Casing Size: 300 x 200 x 500 mm

A829: Special industrial oven.
- Volume: 1053L
- Maximum Temperature: 150°C
- Inner Casing Size: 1800 x 900 x 710 mm

Sub-frame with casters. Manual vertical lift door assisted by gas spring (opening force: 5 kg). Electromagnetic locking of the door controlled by the timer. Weekly clock

A823: This oven was designed for heating at 200°C max plastic parts hanged on the roof by clips or placed on supports placed on the floor.
- Volume: 12000L
- Maximum Temperature: 200°C
- Inner Casing Size: 1200 x 4000 x 2350 mm

Opposed double doors. Doors opening by pneumatic cylinders controlled by a pedal. Rails on the roof. Safety cases. Weekly clock for programmable logic controller.Stack light at the front and at the rear.