France etuves - Designer and Manufacturer of Laboratory and Industrial Ovens
logo France EtuvesDesigner and manufacturer of laboratory and industrial ovens in Vietnam  

Company History

France-Etuves, founded in 1937 in Paris (France), is specialized in the design and manufacture of industrial and laboratory ovens. The company was formerly called SPAME. In 2000, the company officially changed its name to FRANCE ETUVES. Philippe LEMBLE is President.

Our main products: laboratory ovens, incubators, vacuum ovens, glassware drying cabinets, industrial ovens, modular ovens ...

Today we export worldwide. Thousands of customers trust us in France, Europe, Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Japan, USA, India, Australia, Malaysia and many other countries.

Engineering department

The France Etuves engineering department is composed of mechanical, electrical and automation engineers.

They study your project and analyze your needs with the sales team. Once the project is validated by the customer, our engineers design the oven by using efficient software solutions.

The oven is drawn in 3D.
The temperature homogeneity of the oven is simulated using a high-performance software.
All ovens are accurate, efficient and effective.

Engineers design the electrical part of the oven. Then, they program the PLC.

From 3D files of the designers, spare parts list is created for the sheet metal factory. They are able to assembling the oven.

Quality requirements

The more homogeneous as possible.

We guarantee excellent homogeneity on all ovens. Whatever the oven size, our ovens have the best results.

Homogeneity control certificate available as an option for all ovens. Measurements at 9 points in the working chamber.
For your special ovens, we can realize simulations. That allows you to know temperature homogeneity inside your oven, air flows, particles trajectory...

C3000 temperature controller : accurate and efficient.

France-Etuves has developped an amazing temperature controller : C3000. Temperature control is reliable. Measurement by PT100 sensor.
The regulation stability do not fluctuate more than two tenths of degrees. It's extremely easy to use. Functions : Delayed start, heating-up ramp, automatic self-regulating temperature balance, repeat loop.
Thick insulation for user safety and the lowest energy cost.

We use high quality insulation materials.
We assure you the best heating quality and the lowest energy cost for your oven.
Low external temperatures.

We produce high quality ovens. The homogeneity is still excellent.

Your satisfaction is our priority.

We design and manufacture all our ovens entirely.
Thanks to our equipment and high-tech machines, our ovens bring you great satisfaction.
Before you receive your oven, it is thoroughly tested to meet all the quality requirements FRANCE ETUVES.